Monday, September 05, 2005

I'm NOT an atheist..

..and not all quizzes are purrfect.


You are one of life’s enjoyers, determined to get the most you can out of your brief spell on Earth. Probably what first attracted you to atheism was the prospect of liberation from the Ten Commandments, few of which are compatible with a life of pleasure. You play hard and work quite hard, have a strong sense of loyalty and a relaxed but consistent approach to your philosophy.

You can’t see the point of abstract principles and probably wouldn’t lay down your life for a concept though you might for a friend. Something of a champagne humanist, you admire George Bernard Shaw for his cheerful agnosticism and pursuit of sensual rewards and your Hollywood hero is Marlon Brando, who was beautiful, irascible and aimed for goodness in his own tortured way.

Sometimes you might be tempted to allow your own pleasures to take precedence over your ethics. But everyone is striving for that elusive balance between the good and the happy life. You’d probably open another bottle and say there’s no contest.

What kind of humanist are you? Click here to find out.

Friday, September 02, 2005


This is the website for Chetab Bhagatz new blog. Though the overhyped launch sure makes room for scepticism..what with a passworded site(463 ) and a month long run up at his blog.

Thursday, September 01, 2005


how does one manage to tear herself away from all those wonderful blogs onilne to chronicle her drab and boring life..

Waxing Lore..

i sneaked out in the afternoon to go to the parlour to get my arms and legs done. Now dont think m so jobless, just that I have really nice employers who're more worried about getting the work done and not about the hours I spend in office. Which means you can find time for your personal stuff as well if you're smart enough :)
It was bout lunchtime so the ma'm(typical smalltime parlour owner .."oh gudiya u have so many pimples ..y dont u come for a cleanup" .."ur co-sister had come here the other day..ur husbands are faeeting with each other?" ..the usual ..on second thoughts shez not really small time coz she even holds classes and all that..) deployed 4 girls to the job..yeah, imagine being pulled in 4 different directions at once..for bout an hr odd..pure bliss :D
..and with the pot of wax very precariously placed between my feet..i couldnt help wondering wht would happen if soembody spilt scandalous!!..Imagine "Girl scalded while being waxed(during office hours to boot)"..yikes!!
But eod they did a good job of it..and i plan to go back there next time.