Saturday, March 18, 2006

Long long time, and its become such a regular thing out here that I myself dont like the sound of it. But we'll simply retain it(coz its an easy start, and for completeness, say)
A quick update on life as it has been over the past few weeks..
- lover has changed jobs, joined symbian(now, is dat like politically incorrect? not dat give a damn..or like he would put it, a tiny rats ass :D)..and is findin it generally good. They've given him a phone and will foot bills upto 1.4k which I think is mighty sweet of symiab save for the fact dat we're married now and it really doesnt matter .
- I saw two movies RDB(ofcourse) and Taxi No: 9211..RDB..I came off suitably shaken(this has been debated at large in the blogworld and otherwise and I knw nobodyz dying to hear my take..yeah i think m too much "writing for audience"), and swooning over Kunal(they really shouldnt make 'em so handsome.. :( ).. John Abraham is nice too..but therez something still very model-like bout him..i mean dnt you think his expression is way too whateverz the male equivalent of ice maiden!!
- Well..I'm not sure I qualify to do this..but wth..People, welcome kiron to the blogworld...its the kind of stuff I like to read..and wots more, he's said nice things bout me in his latest post :D ..and..Like a wise person, hez chosen wordpress..
- I saw Theft at RS.with dad and mom..twas fun, and they enjoyed it too.
- I'm carefully evading writing bout life..Its been ok I guess..but not quite the way I'd imagined or want..hardly, in fact..maybe m being stubborn and thankless..whatever..Its not sad or miserable or anything....Its actually an ok existence..but thats not the point is it?..I dunno, I'm not sure whats right or wrong anymore, I just hope I dont have to make a choice. The people are nice and there is love as well..more than anybody would imagine.. But again, that doesnt seem to be bloody enough.
I've already said too much.
And now I'ms feeling too depressed to write.
- I want to link Chakki and Kiron on the sidebar..Someday when I'm feelin less lazy.
- The bday was'd shorlisted a couple of possible lunch places, but both of us fell ill and the plan stands postponed for now..I need to make a tally of gifts..but that will be later.
Dats it for now. M off to sleep.