Sunday, November 05, 2006

On how Caeser screwed my life

No, thats not some post modern title, it accurately describes the state of affairs that is my present life. Lover, after past (saner) addictions like Python(thelangaugeThankGod) - TerryPratchet - RandomCarRaceGame - ajax - and the like, has finally been consumed by what is by far the most dangerous of all, viz Caeser 4. I'm sure a hyperlink for it is in order out here, but I desist from doing that for fear of sparing fellow women the same fate. But I'll go so far as to say its yet another evil computer game so that those hell bent on destroying themselves can seek it out. Anyway the gist of the thing is to play Caesar and make sure the Romans are happy-content-fat-literate-healthy-drunk and generally prosperous in life. And at this task you're ably assisted by entire hoard of duppatta wearing advisers. (I'm sure Vin will think this description highly irreverent)
Anyways, as you can imagine, this is affecting my prosperity-happiness-etc more than a bit and I'm tempted to make a Husband 4, except ofcourse that the tags on which the player will be judged will go something like 'shopping trip meter', 'carat count' and ofcourse..and the like..

ps: can we have patents for baby names, no no babies in the pipeline, just that by the time me and lover come around to it, I think all the good names will have gone. I'm just wondering if I can chose one boy and girl name each and patent 'em so that nobody can use it w/o askin me first ;P

pps: Nearly all my posts classify as rant, but in pursuit of creativity/variety and other 'ity's I shall be tagging them as I please, as life, personal etc..

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Are you a googlomaniac?

Do you use more than one of orkut/gmail/picassa/blogger/gtalk on a daily basis?
Do you swear by the google desktop search?
Do you think google earth is the coolest thing since the wheel?
Do you have a personalized google home?
Do you think its impossible to work without google search?

4/5: Basket case: Yours is an acute form of addiction, you need to see the shrink like asap.
3/2: Almost there
0: Saint: Are you for real or did you cheat?

People, As you can see I'm extremely bored and am stopping to make sense. Among other things, I've moved projects and hence locations. Once again back in the city. Reminiscentof HP times. Except that back then we were fresh kids off the block sotospeak and completely jobless and had all the time in the world to celebrate..Now its a case of so much to do and so little time..

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

What an Fing start for a day!!

Maybe I should be a truck driver my next life. That way I get to pretend kutti maruthis dont exist, and run them over, and have husbands in like 3 different states.

Monday, October 16, 2006

New 'blogger'

I guess you have all known this all along, and I'm late getting here but you can now have tags in the new blogger. So we're (atleast) one step closer to wp lj and stuff.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

m back

Its been so long I've forgotten what I'm supposed to do here. And this one is just a note to myself, to remind me I've got a blog and I owe it some. So many things..that I almost blogged, or didn't, whichever way you look at it.
Like the time I got stuck in the lift, one with no brake, no phone and w/o my own cell. And how I had to bang and bawl my lungs out for help. How in the short 5 minute? span I imagned thats how I'd die(how stupid!! but I thought I'd suffocate in there..)..And how the broom and a maid's feet from the lil peephole seemed like the best thing I'd seen in life ..
Or the day one darned auto driver challenged my braking skills, and as is fashionable in cases of me-driven maruti on collision course with onthewrongside rick, I managed to hit him..and he picked up a fight with me, and I argued (long and hard) my way out in broken hindi and more broken kannada, and still managed to get away with paying just a 20 buck(that too coz I was sorry he'd lost a passenger)..
ricky: tumhe brake maarna thaa naa?
me: (pretenda m going to jump in front of a car) haa mein bhi jaake khadi rahtin hun kiske test his brake!!
ricky: (now visibly perturbed at the prospect of a suicide case in his hands!!)
ricky: kyon gadi jalathi hein? ghar mein baitna tha naa
me: tumaara kam bhi yahee hein, r phir bhi chalaane nahin aatha?
To the uninitiated, this might seem like a natural conversation in such a context, to appreciate it better, you need to know how my hindi is limited to two word sentences, typically sandwiched in english..
Or about Emil's visit and two whole days of pure uninhibited fun and how absolutely nothing had changed, the people, the equations, the conversation, the roles..
On how me and lover are having the sweetest time in our lives by far..and not coz of any reason I can place..just is so...m scared talking more of it might break the jinx..
I saw Nikhil Chinappa, just saw not met, and was disappointed with my own lack of enthu I did oohaah and all dat jazz, but I'd have done it more fully a couple of years back..
Anyways m bored now and as always I'm being lured by interesting blogs and thats the end of my comeback post
Maybe I should post more regularly
Or maybe I shouldn't write at all, if I can only do mediocre :(

Friday, June 23, 2006

On unsolicited calls..

Enough has been said about this. In keeping with my 'don't try and act wise on subjects which have been discussed till the all the sap has been like wrung out of em' policy..I just wanna mention two such I got today morn.
- Payal, ohwhatasweetname, called me up, not once not twice thrice..on my workphone dat too, to offer me opportunities in half a dozen other companies.
- And then there was this Mahindra Club lady who I almost turned off before she started but she got all marketingy and said I've won a stay at any 5 star(yeah) Mahindra resort in Munnar..Manali..blah blah blah. And apparently all I've gotto do is attend a 90 minute presentation. I'm still trying to find out the catch here.
Anyways lover's not around until sunday, so shez gonna call me again on monday.

What does it mean when your blog is becoming one fat listed bulleted indexed place?


Random stupid collections of thoughts(I'm sure there's a word for it)
- I feel funnily apologetic to the biker guy on the street who turned know..and diappointed himself? Is that cheap? My self esteem isn't at its best today.
And whats more, what with a huge sty on my right eye, I look like a vamp. Lover thinks oru paavam pole indu(dont care to translate gooey stuff) but thats why he is.
I myself, look at the mirror and see somebody who looks like those bad women in hindi movies. eeks.
- I soo know what Kiron says of the precious afternoon siesta :D..
- Have you ever been on the vereg of getting drunk, but not gone all the way. Its strange, like you're feeling all happily lightheaded and you want to stay that way longer, but you can kind of sense you're conscience return. its like dammit just lemme be here some more.
- Did you know white elephants are real? And the thai king rides on em!!
- Is barefootedness or minimalistic footwear a sign of programmer enlightenment? Out here in ur comapny it does seem like thats the case. The sage(who quite humbly calls himself a sala programmer) and all the "good" senior ones seem to belong to one of aforesaid school of footwear fashion.

Alternate careers

Alternate professions are all the rage now, and in like a week's time I've seen articles on career switch and dual careers in n magazines. Which is why I'll put a disclaimer upfront and say I'd started typing this post really long back, before it became such a hot topic overnight. While at it, I must also admit that my dreams, immaterial of how likely they turn real, have been inspired by people around me..
Like every other ---- s/w engineer (apologies for generalising, I'm sure there are a whole lot of you who are here for good), I too have these occasional dreams of leaving the industry and doing fancy stuff. What those are, I'll tell you in a while, post digression. I'm not unhappy with work, on the contrary I've never before been as happy as I'm right now. But there are times when the romantic in me gets a hold on the complacent other half and starts dictating stuff to her.
Now is one of those times
These are a few options that are already on my list: Can you guys think of anything better or more fun?
1) Start a restaurant: This a very recent addition, thanks to discovering the celebrity techie turned chef and his blog. A speciality upmarket restaurant perhaps, continental cuisine coz thats what I like best save mallu food(the bit about having to like what you do), and the kerala cuisine has suffered enough at the hands of the various wannabe restaurants in the city.
Pros: Its the fanciest stuff on my list. It appeals to vin.
Cons: and also the most expensive, perhaps.
Come to think of it, I could actually start one in my hometown though am not too sure the place is ready for it.
2)Join theatre or some performing arts group. This is fascinating, and I might actually go for it, given a chance.
3) Start a montessori school. Its not coz I'm fond of kids, I sure am, but this is more like a nice business proposition, given all the young rich parents in blore.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Vin sent me this thing. Its funny alright but I'm sure he's just doing it to protest agains my embarassing him in public. Bout the haircut and all :D
Ok, point taken, Mr. Kettiyon.

Retrospect: Talk of loopholes ..!!!

Vanity Returns ..

..the hit counterz back on..I'd toyed with the idea a long time back, and then decided against it coz..Well.. I knew how often *I* checked this space..
Today, on a spur of confidence(and certain stupid logic that puportedly ratifies it), I've gone ahead and installed one.
Lets see how we fare :D
Alrite, but this damn thingz gone and stayed put in some bottom corner. And I've enough on my hands already to worry about editing html(learnin to more like)..
Talkin of vanity, how vain is havin a self clicked pic of urs for the phonez wallpaper?

[extremely cheesy stuff alert]
i miss vin, like.. to the toenails.
[/extremely cheesy stuff alert]

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

On how the man got a haircut or Why specialization is an excellent idea :D

ps: Hey there..yeah, snoopin around?..I soo totally don't get why you're here reading *my* blog. Of all the places..well..unless you know me, but then again, nothings new here..Well, dont say you werent warned..
Alright, without a preface(unless this counts as one) here goes..

* My appraisal just happened..usual stuff..mostly

* I'm hardly one of the husband praiser school(the kind that two minutes into any conversation go into the oh!howcuteismyman kinda speech), and I'd hate to be seen as belonging to one .. So, know that what follows is an exception, and humour me this once ;)
Vinz laziness is legendary(wait, I get to the praise bit soon..) and thus it was that he came about to skip overdue barber visits for more than a month and consequently have shoulderlengthish hair..All along, while doing the good-wifely prodding and reminders and stuff..I was also heard to have been making remarks on how its anybodyz job(ethu policukaranum mal..that actually means "even a cop can do it"..I think thats pretty smart of mals, a proverb that mocks the police force's iq ) and how so many women i know do that..Strangely, lover inspite of his definitive knowledge of my capabilities and lack thereof, was tricked into believing I was serious. And once he'd gotten the idea into his stubborn head, I started believing as well(me who cant hold a scissors straight, or cut a marked out striaght line on paper)..And the night saw me weilding momz milk-carton cutting scissors and having a field day on vinz hair.Whats worse, I wasnt even wise enough to stop when I knew I was screwing it up like nobodyz business..To make it worse I didnt let l look at a mirror until way too late..It feels all funny now, but then I was soo sorry bout how it had gone..
But vin was unimaginably cute about it all..we closed shop, cleaned up the mess, had a bath and went to bed..he was also stupid enough to think people @ home wouldnt notice unless he told em..
at the breakfast table, dad jumped up saying vinz got some sort of eczema and is losing hair in patches, and the cat was out of the bag..or whatever they call it..
Vin had to attribute it to visiting cousins' handiwork at the barbers'(he went rightaway)..And has since then been sporting a weird sort of cut(he calls it the runaway from millitary cut) that makes people gape when they see him. I've told this story umpteen times already, to souls who've been bold enough to ask after the gentlemanz erstwhile nice long well as proactively to those who shy away coz of 'decency' factors..
I wish I could put up before and after pic here..but m not sure how much lover will appreciate the publicity..

We just about bought a house, and have been busy running around raising the initial depost dough as well as takin care of the bank loan and all that..
Lot more to say, but this postz been in the edit tray long enough waitin to see the light of the day :D

ps: thanks to Karthik for the C&H strip ..Now should I add copyright info et al?..This was sooo sooo like the real thing, I just had to put it up.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Long long time, and its become such a regular thing out here that I myself dont like the sound of it. But we'll simply retain it(coz its an easy start, and for completeness, say)
A quick update on life as it has been over the past few weeks..
- lover has changed jobs, joined symbian(now, is dat like politically incorrect? not dat give a damn..or like he would put it, a tiny rats ass :D)..and is findin it generally good. They've given him a phone and will foot bills upto 1.4k which I think is mighty sweet of symiab save for the fact dat we're married now and it really doesnt matter .
- I saw two movies RDB(ofcourse) and Taxi No: 9211..RDB..I came off suitably shaken(this has been debated at large in the blogworld and otherwise and I knw nobodyz dying to hear my take..yeah i think m too much "writing for audience"), and swooning over Kunal(they really shouldnt make 'em so handsome.. :( ).. John Abraham is nice too..but therez something still very model-like bout him..i mean dnt you think his expression is way too whateverz the male equivalent of ice maiden!!
- Well..I'm not sure I qualify to do this..but wth..People, welcome kiron to the blogworld...its the kind of stuff I like to read..and wots more, he's said nice things bout me in his latest post :D ..and..Like a wise person, hez chosen wordpress..
- I saw Theft at RS.with dad and mom..twas fun, and they enjoyed it too.
- I'm carefully evading writing bout life..Its been ok I guess..but not quite the way I'd imagined or want..hardly, in fact..maybe m being stubborn and thankless..whatever..Its not sad or miserable or anything....Its actually an ok existence..but thats not the point is it?..I dunno, I'm not sure whats right or wrong anymore, I just hope I dont have to make a choice. The people are nice and there is love as well..more than anybody would imagine.. But again, that doesnt seem to be bloody enough.
I've already said too much.
And now I'ms feeling too depressed to write.
- I want to link Chakki and Kiron on the sidebar..Someday when I'm feelin less lazy.
- The bday was'd shorlisted a couple of possible lunch places, but both of us fell ill and the plan stands postponed for now..I need to make a tally of gifts..but that will be later.
Dats it for now. M off to sleep.

Friday, January 06, 2006

God damn Murphy.

People of the world, please join me in the noble act of hanging Murphy. Or his last living descendant.
coz hez been giving me a bad headache lately.
m sure g, pronounced gee(g is our operations manager..or some such fancy title, and he sits like right behind me..g is also the best *higher up* ive had the fortune of meeting all my career..and is rather huge but has a smile to die for)..but g too has his temper i guess..and someday, thanks to the aforesaid dude, m going to be at the wrong end of it..coz invariably m upto anything but work when he turns up at our place..
Ofcourse g, being the professional he is, doesnt so much as glance at my screen. But it still isn't a nice thing to happen. And one too many times at that.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Its tough to be good

Its difficult to be and do right all the time. Especially when it excludes being human.
Thats such a lousy excuse!! 'human' is a word invented by man to ratify his frailities.
And its some kind of elixir. Its only the first step that matters, convincing yourself its ok(human) to be bad/wrong/indifferent/selfish....Its easier then on!!
I'm such a bitch. And I've been hurting L a lot these days. I'm not sure how much longer he(Or I) will stand this. All I know is we dont need this kind of endurance test.
Can you adjust/realign your dreams for the sake of love? How much should you love somebody to be able to do that?