Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Are you a googlomaniac?

Do you use more than one of orkut/gmail/picassa/blogger/gtalk on a daily basis?
Do you swear by the google desktop search?
Do you think google earth is the coolest thing since the wheel?
Do you have a personalized google home?
Do you think its impossible to work without google search?

4/5: Basket case: Yours is an acute form of addiction, you need to see the shrink like asap.
3/2: Almost there
0: Saint: Are you for real or did you cheat?

People, As you can see I'm extremely bored and am stopping to make sense. Among other things, I've moved projects and hence locations. Once again back in the city. Reminiscentof HP times. Except that back then we were fresh kids off the block sotospeak and completely jobless and had all the time in the world to celebrate..Now its a case of so much to do and so little time..

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

What an Fing start for a day!!

Maybe I should be a truck driver my next life. That way I get to pretend kutti maruthis dont exist, and run them over, and have husbands in like 3 different states.

Monday, October 16, 2006

New 'blogger'

I guess you have all known this all along, and I'm late getting here but you can now have tags in the new blogger. So we're (atleast) one step closer to wp lj and stuff.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

m back

Its been so long I've forgotten what I'm supposed to do here. And this one is just a note to myself, to remind me I've got a blog and I owe it some. So many things..that I almost blogged, or didn't, whichever way you look at it.
Like the time I got stuck in the lift, one with no brake, no phone and w/o my own cell. And how I had to bang and bawl my lungs out for help. How in the short 5 minute? span I imagned thats how I'd die(how stupid!! but I thought I'd suffocate in there..)..And how the broom and a maid's feet from the lil peephole seemed like the best thing I'd seen in life ..
Or the day one darned auto driver challenged my braking skills, and as is fashionable in cases of me-driven maruti on collision course with onthewrongside rick, I managed to hit him..and he picked up a fight with me, and I argued (long and hard) my way out in broken hindi and more broken kannada, and still managed to get away with paying just a 20 buck(that too coz I was sorry he'd lost a passenger)..
ricky: tumhe brake maarna thaa naa?
me: (pretenda m going to jump in front of a car) haa mein bhi jaake khadi rahtin hun kiske samne..to test his brake!!
ricky: (now visibly perturbed at the prospect of a suicide case in his hands!!)
ricky: kyon gadi jalathi hein? ghar mein baitna tha naa
me: tumaara kam bhi yahee hein, r phir bhi chalaane nahin aatha?
To the uninitiated, this might seem like a natural conversation in such a context, to appreciate it better, you need to know how my hindi is limited to two word sentences, typically sandwiched in english..
Or about Emil's visit and two whole days of pure uninhibited fun and how absolutely nothing had changed, the people, the equations, the conversation, the roles..
On how me and lover are having the sweetest time in our lives by far..and not coz of any reason I can place..just is so...m scared talking more of it might break the jinx..
I saw Nikhil Chinappa, just saw not met, and was disappointed with my own lack of enthu I did oohaah and all dat jazz, but I'd have done it more fully a couple of years back..
Anyways m bored now and as always I'm being lured by interesting blogs and thats the end of my comeback post
Maybe I should post more regularly
Or maybe I shouldn't write at all, if I can only do mediocre :(