Wednesday, April 19, 2006

On how the man got a haircut or Why specialization is an excellent idea :D

ps: Hey there..yeah, snoopin around?..I soo totally don't get why you're here reading *my* blog. Of all the places..well..unless you know me, but then again, nothings new here..Well, dont say you werent warned..
Alright, without a preface(unless this counts as one) here goes..

* My appraisal just happened..usual stuff..mostly

* I'm hardly one of the husband praiser school(the kind that two minutes into any conversation go into the oh!howcuteismyman kinda speech), and I'd hate to be seen as belonging to one .. So, know that what follows is an exception, and humour me this once ;)
Vinz laziness is legendary(wait, I get to the praise bit soon..) and thus it was that he came about to skip overdue barber visits for more than a month and consequently have shoulderlengthish hair..All along, while doing the good-wifely prodding and reminders and stuff..I was also heard to have been making remarks on how its anybodyz job(ethu policukaranum mal..that actually means "even a cop can do it"..I think thats pretty smart of mals, a proverb that mocks the police force's iq ) and how so many women i know do that..Strangely, lover inspite of his definitive knowledge of my capabilities and lack thereof, was tricked into believing I was serious. And once he'd gotten the idea into his stubborn head, I started believing as well(me who cant hold a scissors straight, or cut a marked out striaght line on paper)..And the night saw me weilding momz milk-carton cutting scissors and having a field day on vinz hair.Whats worse, I wasnt even wise enough to stop when I knew I was screwing it up like nobodyz business..To make it worse I didnt let l look at a mirror until way too late..It feels all funny now, but then I was soo sorry bout how it had gone..
But vin was unimaginably cute about it all..we closed shop, cleaned up the mess, had a bath and went to bed..he was also stupid enough to think people @ home wouldnt notice unless he told em..
at the breakfast table, dad jumped up saying vinz got some sort of eczema and is losing hair in patches, and the cat was out of the bag..or whatever they call it..
Vin had to attribute it to visiting cousins' handiwork at the barbers'(he went rightaway)..And has since then been sporting a weird sort of cut(he calls it the runaway from millitary cut) that makes people gape when they see him. I've told this story umpteen times already, to souls who've been bold enough to ask after the gentlemanz erstwhile nice long well as proactively to those who shy away coz of 'decency' factors..
I wish I could put up before and after pic here..but m not sure how much lover will appreciate the publicity..

We just about bought a house, and have been busy running around raising the initial depost dough as well as takin care of the bank loan and all that..
Lot more to say, but this postz been in the edit tray long enough waitin to see the light of the day :D

ps: thanks to Karthik for the C&H strip ..Now should I add copyright info et al?..This was sooo sooo like the real thing, I just had to put it up.