Friday, December 30, 2005

Weddings and (not entirely related)dreams

Two months and quite a lot has happened. But surprisingly little has changed. So far(and thats hardly a month) so good. Its weird how people keep asking you how it feels to be married. As if I'd tell, either ways!!...............
One of my closest friends got married to a once senior at college. I've known both of them for close to 6 years now and they make a charming(touchwood) couple. . Love and Godspeed, you two.
We're shifting homes this weekend(to a 3 bhk) and am trying to convince lover we can afford a packers and movers service. And lover, inspite of the splurgethrift(that deserves another post on its own..i'll put it up soon, and see if the threat of public defamation makes him wiser) that
he is, is convinced they come exorbitantly priced. Not like we/I'll be doing most of the work. With his dad and mom around, its most likely they'll end up doing most of the packing and stuff and they are(like parents come) even more staunchly against the whole idea...Broz on vacation as well(shutdown.. ah..for hp times ..sniff sniff :( )....on second thots, i hardly miss hp)..

I got inspired by the tagging fever , and decided to give a shot at the latest one thatz doing the rounds. And thankfully this doesnt require me to write 55 word stories or dig up titles of my previous(non existent) posts to form a sequence.

Things i want to do
1)Travel a lot, yeah this is cliche but wtf there's a reason cliches are. All kinds of places too, Noth India, especially the villages. Gujarat/Rajasthan/Calcutta(yeah, ive not even got that far yet...) Europe(..but onez entitled to dreams, rite) the countryside. Closer home, I wanna go to wayanad, pondi, Bekal ..this is an unrealised childhood dream, or lets say teenage..eeks, even teenage seems like so loong ago now...are my wrinkles visible yet?..(i actually reached out for a wrinkle lift kinda cream last time in h&g and l was aghast to say the least, and he actually got all so caring and soft, as if i'd gone mental and he had to handle me right..and i got put off and put the thing right back..he bought me a fab moistouriser from dove instead, but i gave it to grandma on my last visit hu coz of a medical condition needs it mire than i do)
2)Make love on a moving train :D
3)Be an awesome cook, make truly exotic stuff..this dream is stalled until m in charge of my own kitchen, whenever that is..but m confident ill be up to it then...(and to think i havent even got my basics right!!)
4)Stay a night in a tent on a riverside
5)Be a passionate lover, a fun companion and a good wife..(nah, no catch here, just one man involved)
6)Be the best mom ever.
7)Read (more)
8)Now that I'm in my (almost - no dream can be translated to absolute reality) dream job..try and do a good job of it.
9)Retire early and live in one of those Sathyan Anthikad kindavillages where therez still a nice mix of tradition and connectivity (its retired LIFE you see, not vacation, i dont want to be lonely and banished..get the drift?) kids, they better be able to luk after themselves by then..i think lover will accompany me, though for now i'll leave it to him..this one dream is like the most important..i guess am looking to it to be a compensation of a life not so wholly lived..isnt that what all of us want of retirements?
10)Be a good daughter, a good daughter-in-law(the latter's obviously a lil tougher, but not impossible).., the best sis(to the best sis in the whole world) and the best bhabhi(the last two ive almost achieved.. m sure the concerned parties will vouch for me :D)
11)volunteer time, regularly(this is one of my new year resolutions)
12)Own a house
13)Learn belly dancing :D..(hubby butts in, says no to belly dance, says i dnt have a nice belly and should go for bharatnatyam instead..just not my cuppa tea..mohiniyattam maybe..true mal stuff..and m likely to have grace rather than speed, though i seriously doubt either...)
14)Go to a temple more often(this is another resolution for '06)

Things I can do
I've been just sitting here staring at the screen realising how this list will hardly even match up to the first, and am feeling all low about it and have decided not to put anything here

Things I cannot do
1)Keep my own secrets, especially nice ones..there have been countless times when I've bought stuff, made stuff, ordered stuff for lover/chakki/friends..only to be too excited bout the whole idea myself and either telling them rightaway or doing it sooner than m supposed to..In all the three years i've known l, i've never given him a gift in time!!
2)Pretend (to myself or the world) that things are ok...this is no saintly stuff..and not a virtue either..and not even bout being honest..just plain loser talk.
3)Keep my voice low..especially when m excited/angry...thanks to being born to a *lecturing* couple!!..the general decibel level in our house is a few points higher(yeah i knw thats not hw decibels work..its logarithmic..but please, poetic license sake) than any average household. And hubby is such a stickler for public manners its one sore point between us.
4)Work for more than an hour at a stretch without being distracted(this is a rather new development thanks to the month long break from wrk..looks like i have some form of coderz block)
5)Stop daydreaming
6)Blog regularly..

this is getting boring, anyways Happy New Year one and all.

Footnote : lover and hubby refer to the same person. lover is for times when hez being addressed/referred to lovingly(duh!!)..and hubby is for mundane and not-so-loving references