Sunday, November 05, 2006

On how Caeser screwed my life

No, thats not some post modern title, it accurately describes the state of affairs that is my present life. Lover, after past (saner) addictions like Python(thelangaugeThankGod) - TerryPratchet - RandomCarRaceGame - ajax - and the like, has finally been consumed by what is by far the most dangerous of all, viz Caeser 4. I'm sure a hyperlink for it is in order out here, but I desist from doing that for fear of sparing fellow women the same fate. But I'll go so far as to say its yet another evil computer game so that those hell bent on destroying themselves can seek it out. Anyway the gist of the thing is to play Caesar and make sure the Romans are happy-content-fat-literate-healthy-drunk and generally prosperous in life. And at this task you're ably assisted by entire hoard of duppatta wearing advisers. (I'm sure Vin will think this description highly irreverent)
Anyways, as you can imagine, this is affecting my prosperity-happiness-etc more than a bit and I'm tempted to make a Husband 4, except ofcourse that the tags on which the player will be judged will go something like 'shopping trip meter', 'carat count' and ofcourse..and the like..

ps: can we have patents for baby names, no no babies in the pipeline, just that by the time me and lover come around to it, I think all the good names will have gone. I'm just wondering if I can chose one boy and girl name each and patent 'em so that nobody can use it w/o askin me first ;P

pps: Nearly all my posts classify as rant, but in pursuit of creativity/variety and other 'ity's I shall be tagging them as I please, as life, personal etc..