Thursday, May 18, 2006

Vin sent me this thing. Its funny alright but I'm sure he's just doing it to protest agains my embarassing him in public. Bout the haircut and all :D
Ok, point taken, Mr. Kettiyon.

Retrospect: Talk of loopholes ..!!!

Vanity Returns ..

..the hit counterz back on..I'd toyed with the idea a long time back, and then decided against it coz..Well.. I knew how often *I* checked this space..
Today, on a spur of confidence(and certain stupid logic that puportedly ratifies it), I've gone ahead and installed one.
Lets see how we fare :D
Alrite, but this damn thingz gone and stayed put in some bottom corner. And I've enough on my hands already to worry about editing html(learnin to more like)..
Talkin of vanity, how vain is havin a self clicked pic of urs for the phonez wallpaper?

[extremely cheesy stuff alert]
i miss vin, like.. to the toenails.
[/extremely cheesy stuff alert]