Friday, January 06, 2006

God damn Murphy.

People of the world, please join me in the noble act of hanging Murphy. Or his last living descendant.
coz hez been giving me a bad headache lately.
m sure g, pronounced gee(g is our operations manager..or some such fancy title, and he sits like right behind me..g is also the best *higher up* ive had the fortune of meeting all my career..and is rather huge but has a smile to die for)..but g too has his temper i guess..and someday, thanks to the aforesaid dude, m going to be at the wrong end of it..coz invariably m upto anything but work when he turns up at our place..
Ofcourse g, being the professional he is, doesnt so much as glance at my screen. But it still isn't a nice thing to happen. And one too many times at that.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Its tough to be good

Its difficult to be and do right all the time. Especially when it excludes being human.
Thats such a lousy excuse!! 'human' is a word invented by man to ratify his frailities.
And its some kind of elixir. Its only the first step that matters, convincing yourself its ok(human) to be bad/wrong/indifferent/selfish....Its easier then on!!
I'm such a bitch. And I've been hurting L a lot these days. I'm not sure how much longer he(Or I) will stand this. All I know is we dont need this kind of endurance test.
Can you adjust/realign your dreams for the sake of love? How much should you love somebody to be able to do that?