Thursday, January 25, 2007

Candid confesion

Yes, I’m the one. That’s me. Thank you very much. I stink of dettol!!

Thanks to lover’s over the top care and bathing me in it. This to counter 2 teeny tiny nicks, one on my knuckles (yeah fellow women, tough stop) and the other on the elbow. (of course, its unnecessary detail that I was cribbing my lungs hoarse on the length I have to go for looking good purportedly for his sake and how its all his fault as is everything that goes wrong in my life) Only thing we’re big picture people so he dettol’d my whole left arm, why waste precious time on spot application.

And the men at work are still trying to figure out who it could be since they’re all still nicely stubbled.

Monday, January 08, 2007

I was waiting for an excuse to post..

while at the same time watching millions of such excuses whoosh past ;) And then this happened, and today happens to be a bright and sunny day. So I thought I might tell you how our good deed for the month viz. blood donation, is done.

The pic is grossly misleading, as to our respective BMIs, and I wanted to take one that gave a truer picture but lover was mouthing highly tangential stuff like "such stuff should be spontaneous" and blah, so I thought I'll humour him this one.
Btw, lover who was initially all "will they use the right syringe" (paranoia is his middle name) when they called (asking if I would donate) jumped in and said he'd volunteer as well when we got there.
And then asked if he could get a different colored stress ball when they gave him an yellow one at the end of it :) ("But I already have yellow!") I wish we'd said my kid already has an yellow one or something, would have saved me considerable embarassment.
Anyway, leave you guys at that for now. A customary new year post is on the cards, sometime..
For now, let me just say that I'm feeling very happy and loved and lucky, and wish you guys all that would make you the feel the same.