Saturday, March 05, 2011

What's for breakfast

Or why good South Indian girls should not attempt aloo parathas.

Obviously, I was too bugged even to take a proper picture. I had this brilliant idea of grating the boiled potatoes in the mixer which made them gooey starchy sticky mass totally unwieldy to work with. And then it all oozed out when I was rolling them and stuck to the pin and my hands and I tried to seal holes with patches of dough and that didn't help either. Long story short, we shall stick to those nice frozen ones for the near future.

PS: Inspired the very awesome Indexed and others in the same space.

Why I should not be let loose in universities.

Lots of young (ehm, from my pov i.e) handsome purportedly smart men. And I don't mean the students. I mean them super-eager and enthu untenured Profs.
That's why.

Among other news, I might ..might just over Grey's Anatomy. Enough to hold on till I do a Marathon the spring break. Thus speaks the one who finished watching the 4th season yesterday. But we'll see.