Friday, July 03, 2009

While you were away..

So we went to the Rahman concert. If I made a bucket list, if the 17 year old me - the one that bought his cassettes on the first day, and listened only to his songs on endless loops, and was always ready to pick a fight with critics and discuss favorites with the fans - made one, I'm sure she'd have put that in, listening to the real life Rahman. And it was indeed a fitting fulfillment. The packed stadium, the galleries singing along, thousands of cellphone lights flickering against the dark, and then the man himself, walking in, and in his ever-so-cheerful voice few precious words, and then the music, and hariharan making a music class of a football stadium..There were the technical glitches the sound wasn't loud enough and being Kerala, the function was a huge mockery of people "ponnada anikyikkaling"(decorating each other with those gold scarf like thingies is the closest translation). But who cares, for me nothing could take away from the magic of that night. And wonder of wonders we entered Thrissur back in the wee hours of the morning, just in time for the pooram fireworks (The pooram is another close to the heart cause, handed down from Achan this time. Another post...). Who said you couldn't have the cake and eat it too?