Tuesday, October 17, 2006

What an Fing start for a day!!

Maybe I should be a truck driver my next life. That way I get to pretend kutti maruthis dont exist, and run them over, and have husbands in like 3 different states.


Joy-of-nothing said...

entha road ? is it outer ring road ???...
and add one more point
u need not dim the light in the nights... the maruthi car driver will blink for few minutes till the lorry passes..

Sandeep Sadanandan said...


use "etha" - which
"entha" means what


make sure that one of those states is somewhere in north... like UP/Jharkand etc. :)

Good commenting :)


lakshmi said...

yeah, bang on. Outer ring road it is.
Enough pattin urself on the back..and whats the advantage with up/jharkand?

Baiju said...

Dear Lakshmy,
When I saw this pic, my mind directly went to Star Sports "Roller Jam". As you have a maruti definetely you should have two options either Give or Take. Also I noticed you are intrested in Tyre(s) of trucks?? Due to Hiking price of rubber??
Few months ago I had an accident which costs 60,000 INR, Do u think its a small amount?
Oru Michel Schezumakar(i) aakan powano?
Just kidding... nice blog and everything fine.
All the best and looking forward to the next article.
Best regards,

Vimal said...

Nice camera.

pradip said...

maybe someone on a bicycle will take the same view of your maruti using his camera....so beware :-)

lakshmi said...

thanks and no, m not making a beeline for the tyre..though the pic does make it look lie that
that sounds rather unlikely as long as keep to blore :)
its from the phone cam..

baiju said...

Lak, where is next post?

Sandeep Sadanandan said...


just for a horror. No fun in concentrating only in south india. So go to N.India too.. that's all I meant.

which is your phone? good pic.


WV: gpwtntsq

പെരിങ്ങോടന്‍ said...

ഹാഹാ രസികന്‍ അടിക്കുറിപ്പ് (haha rasikan adikkurippu)

Anonymous said...


peringodan has commented :)


Anonymous said...

who hit u? gimme ur mobile num.. will call up.. ( send as a msg in orkut.. )


lakshmi said...

not to osund disrespectful or anything, but who is Peringodan?
Didn't go so far as a hit, but someday soon..at this rate!!

Anonymous said...


peringodan is a "sambhavam". the veteran blogger of mallu-blog world. ( i mean blogs in malayalam )


lakshmi said...

Figured..I tried to read his blog, no mal font :(

Sandeep Sadanandan said...

personally his blogs are too thick stuff for me ... bhayankara kadu-katti items..
moreover i dont have much time for blog-surfing...

fonts venenki install cheythoode? paranju tharano... links?


- i guess this is that -

anil said...