Monday, October 16, 2006

New 'blogger'

I guess you have all known this all along, and I'm late getting here but you can now have tags in the new blogger. So we're (atleast) one step closer to wp lj and stuff.


Anonymous said...

first post after "non-tech" request itself turned out to be in the "tech" category.

i moved to beta-blogger about 1-2 months back. still i am unable to have proper categories! hence find this tags useless.


Joy-of-nothing said...

u didnt tell us ... I was wondering how u got new format in ur blog

thanks for this post. I just upgraded to new one.

Anonymous said...


I didnt tell because it was annoying to be in beta. most of the times, i wasnt able to comment as a blogger, i wasnt able to change the colors for a long time. Of course it was in beta and was quite buggy. It still has quite a number of bugs.

@general public
lately, lot of activities in my blog and some of the blogs i visit frequently!


lakshmi said...

Its the other way round, the post came first, then the anti-tech(for want of a better word) comment
Bout beta, I had my share of teething trouble, but all in all it does offer more customization for dumb users like me.
you're welcome.
and thanks, you guys sure made my day, been a while since this place saw some activity.