Friday, June 23, 2006


Random stupid collections of thoughts(I'm sure there's a word for it)
- I feel funnily apologetic to the biker guy on the street who turned know..and diappointed himself? Is that cheap? My self esteem isn't at its best today.
And whats more, what with a huge sty on my right eye, I look like a vamp. Lover thinks oru paavam pole indu(dont care to translate gooey stuff) but thats why he is.
I myself, look at the mirror and see somebody who looks like those bad women in hindi movies. eeks.
- I soo know what Kiron says of the precious afternoon siesta :D..
- Have you ever been on the vereg of getting drunk, but not gone all the way. Its strange, like you're feeling all happily lightheaded and you want to stay that way longer, but you can kind of sense you're conscience return. its like dammit just lemme be here some more.
- Did you know white elephants are real? And the thai king rides on em!!
- Is barefootedness or minimalistic footwear a sign of programmer enlightenment? Out here in ur comapny it does seem like thats the case. The sage(who quite humbly calls himself a sala programmer) and all the "good" senior ones seem to belong to one of aforesaid school of footwear fashion.


kiron said...

entamme.. ithentha?? onnum manassilayilla..
njan entha paranje? :)

Shadowman said...

Firstly its fun reading Malayalam comments on your blog.....and secondly you refer to someone as just lover.....sounds a little out of place....I think I had heard such a term mostly in Telugu movies....maybe I am just out of some new trend.

Mayank Sharma said...

sala programmer should read your blog :-)... hey don't stop being free just because someone from your company is reading your blog.

Mayank Sharma said...

and i don't understand malyalam so it's fine

banished soul said...

aah.. temme abt the nirvana state of gettin drunk...