Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Life, the universe and a birthday..

There is so much that went unchronicled, so this an attempted snapshot.
The bday was awesome, Barney style awesome :). Sis and DH, among others, threw a surprise gig on the eve. The gang turned up from various corners of the city to on a midweek evening. Self felt suitably flattered. Ofcourse, once the cat was out of the bag, self was herself calling up the invitees and threatening them with "come to my surprise party or else" :) We left there at about 11.30, wishes and all done. On the way back, DH suggested we drop in at the Leela Barista for a coffee. (We go there about once a fortnight, sometimes more often). And dumb as I am, I was taken aback when we got there and saw the same gang, popping out one at a time from behind the huge Leela Pillars :) The cake was brought in, cut and shared, and I must say I was almost disappointed when I got home and didnt find anyone else hiding underneath the cots or sofas..I felt truly special, senti-mush-special.
I did land a job. Is ok, great in fact, given recession and all. But work aint much to write home about. One cant have the cake and eat it too.
I got my laptop. Its a super looker Dell studio XPS 13. Will review it sometime, gotto sign off now, before I crash on this beautiful backlit keyboard and destroy it.

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