Friday, November 20, 2009

Another Vinsome year

I would have put off this post till eternity for want of doing it right and never gotten around to doing it. So here goes, unedited and as it comes..It'd be passe to say the man did another surprise act. I can see you guys go all yawn, tell us something new, on me.
But me, m a sucker for surprises and for sweet things in life. First up tonight was a chocolate treatment. And as I lay wrapped in layers and layers of yum(didnt get around to tasting it, coz that would have been so teenage girlish of me, and I was strutting around till then as if I did chocolate treatments all the time!..but hey it smelled awesome and m sure it was yum) chocolate, I felt so lucky and so happy. Call me vain, call me a woman! The middle class girl from smalltime Kerala popped up at regular intervals and asked the inevitable much dyu think his costs! Some of your relations can survive a month on this..What would your parents think of such splurge ..sort of badly timed questions. But she was promptly silenced by another slather of chocolate and two deft pairs of hands doing their job..Ofcourse I'd never have paid and gotten this done myself, but what are men for after all :)
Next we went to dinner at Oberoi and they did this whole cake and bouquet and 6 course dinner anniversary do..And got home to a bunch of yellow roses from two of our guy friends. Is it with me or is the world generally getting all sweet and thoughtful these days?


sneha said...

love the title of the post chechi.. and congratulations :)

lakshmi said...

@sneha Thank you :)

ambily said...

Lucky you :)