Monday, January 05, 2009

One in which she is, quite literally, jobless!

Its been a year and some more since the last post, and to even attempt to pick up where we left off is utterly foolish. So lets just start, here and now.
I'm writing this in the happy comfort that it wont be read. Coz this blog is dead and buried for all who cared. Which is just as well. For now.
Its been a couple of weeks since I got laid off, pink slipped or whatever fancy term you want to use. Much has been said of it already. Puns and play on words have been explored and exhausted as well, leaving me with nothing remotely funny for the title of the post.
Its a strange thing, losing your job. One of those things you thought you read of in papers and happened in the US of A not quite in India. And definitely not to you. For me in particular its a 'be careful what you wish for' deal. Coz lets admit it. While its been fun moving out, staying with Vin alone (been more than a year now). But its also a hell lot of work. And between the hour and a half commute and managing the kitchen (man has been insisting we get a cook, but how can I pretend_kitchen_queen concede that my fare can leave him wanting more/better! its almost as bad as him wanting a mistress. well, not quite. but we digress..) and deadlines and my own issues abt what I was doing (requires a whole post by itself) there have been times when I've wished for a slower pace. And here I am, my first day entirely at home - coz thanks to the holiday season and parites at home and outside every other day(where by the way, i was quite the celebrity-the first one around to get laid off- and much light was made of it. oh what, but, are a friends for!), and a couple of trips (new car is super and fun to drive. oh wait. make that, be driven in coz the man cant get his hands off the wheel on long drives) i havent really had the time to sit at home, and get acquinted with my joblessness and generally fret. so, half an hr of channel flipping and m bored to death. Ofcourse I have in the meanwhile taken care of so many random chores around the house, like curtains for the living room, a hob and chimney and the kitchen and such other exciting stuff. I have also been quite the homemaker packing food for Vin, dusting the figurines on show and all that. Finished books pending reading: check, movies to watch: check, travel stuff: some done some more in the pipeline. Ne'rtheless end of it all I think what we're seriously lacking around here is purpose in life. Thats what comes of deriving your sense of identity entirely from a 9to5(and some more hrs, a lot more) job.
Interview calls have been few and far between. And none, save one maybe, that Id want to get. Oh yes, we are still riding very pricey and very high on self worth. In spite of being turned down at a couple of places if I may say so..
Anyways, such is life and all that. Lot more to write, but I'm posting this now, just to please myself with seeing it out there.


Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...

I did think that this blog was dead. But used to check if it was buried!...

Now I realize - it was not dead!

Hiran said...

I too thought this was dead, but had a hope that you might update it after 9th.

At first I didn't recognize what page I was looking at. Had to scroll down to see old ones to verify.

Karthik .. said...

you start from Ground 0... !! cool..welcome back..

Well.. I meant - your blog :)