Monday, January 05, 2009

Pondy log

Oh well, just reposting to say we did this.

Over the last weekend. Drove there. Stayed in a beach shack. With sis and her significant other. The drive was nice and the food great. The service sucks, outlook calls it leisurely, but
1) leisurely != non existent
2) there is no excuse for sad cold cheese omlette at the most recommended place, after a wait of 45 mins!
Beach shack for 4 (with breakast) @ 350 bucks is damn neat anyday.
We caught the sunrise, but no cliche'd pics of people holding the sun. Go elsewhere for those.
Auroville is bloody expensive but I bought some namesake glazed pottery which the place is famous for. I also bought a sarong so a beach trip is now in order so I can sport it.
- Coffee on the way from roadside stalls in TN
- Gingee fort, we climbed one of the hills, on man's insistance (so why should anyone else be spared the heave-pant-climb experience!)
- Food at rendezvous, satsanga was not impressive. Also Le Cafe, run by the Govt. by the beach has a nice view.
- Stay at a shack. The trick lies in finding a tidy lil one. This is a must.


Karthik .. said...

Coffee -- in TN roadside shops ??

Hmm.. you should have had Chai...

and you didn't go to right places at Pondy..

lakshmi said...

@karthik had the chai as well, but loved the coffee.
and thought as much, about pondy. lets just say we lacked the services of a good (local) host :)