Monday, February 16, 2009

Amberina, lest I forget

Was a textbook holiday, the one that the doctor prescribed for a work-weary, burned out couple :) ehm, might as well drop the act and stop pretending self is work-weary anymore, but when we went there I was still fresh off the job-loss. So..
We went midweek and were the only guests, it felt like owning the place, the palatial tea estate with its fireplaced rooms and cook-gardner-butler on call. Days were spend lazying around, book in hand or watching movies/ Poirot (this gave me the creeps, the place is a perfect setting for one of those Agatha Christie murder mysteries :)). Come dusk, they play lovey music and we curl up by the fireplace and read some more or play a game or two. Food was yum, lover even wanted to hijack the cook and bring him back. Very enterprising we are :). Morning/Evening walks through the estate, tea served in the garden yadayada..
All said, lovely place for frayed nerves. But hardly anything to "do", so don't even consider it if you're in a gang and want to go there, trek here and the like.
They have another place called the wild stay, which might cater to such needs. They're priced a little higher than I'd like and charging extra for food where there isn't even any question of eating anywhere doesn't make for a nice touch.


Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...


- Njan.

PS: Vere nalla photo onnum eduthille? :)

lakshmi said...

@sands nalla photo ninakku ayachu tharam. this is for public consumption

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