Sunday, January 16, 2011

Overdue and current Thingies

Dear one_man_readership_of_the_Blog, Yeah so I'm a little lax about this but that's the best I can do, okay. In fact, I think I deserve credit for persisting beyond the first post.

Things I like about Vin, for the past two days and today:

- That he compensates for my lack of ambition. I'm a positively non-ambitious creature. Or let's say mine are in the direction of warm fuzzy dreams rather than worldly milestones of higher degrees and career advancements. Vin is what kind of pushes me on and delights almost parent-like in my achievements. It's crazy. (It is also a conflict sometimes and I have to tell him off and not "father" me since I already have the best father in the whole world and I'm doing just fine.)

- I like how he gives me arbit hugs all the time and everywhere through the day. Even hauls his lazy ass across the room sometimes for a quick snuggle.

- I admire his way with words. He has it in him to add a fun twist even to a stupid post-it reminder. So also with mundane emails and other form of communication. I'd have to put in effort to do stuff like that, sort of comes naturally to him. He has that magic touch to tweak the smallest things and change sentences into beauties..

Meanwhile, I've taken to threatening the protagonist that I'll post nasty things about him, skip posts or turn it into a 'things I dislike about him' tag to get favors out of him. Threats that predictably fall on deaf ears of a man who cares the least, who reviewed them on the first day and came up with the verdict of 'cheesy drool' or some such. Hmph. (Hint: More credit to me for persisting.)


Vimal said...

You have made an effort on formatting. Thats a nice change.

I wish there was an option of doing 'indent -kr' on your posts at times (most of the times).

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...

I would like to hear the 'nasty-things' -- to have a what-not-to-do list. :P

I second vimal in the formatting thingy.

BTW, one-man-readership? (entha njanum vimalum half-men ano? atho enikku manassilavatha enthenkilum?)


PS: two posts ago, the "dot" meant - "vannu kandu vayichu, keezhadangi".

Sue said...

See, you should have said mean things about him first to place the thingies in context. I bitch about V all the time so that makes the thingies special. ;)

lakshmi said...

@sue Trust me I do think that everytime I read your posts (I've been lingering long enough to know you do bitch about V as much as you praise him..) Even I'm known to be a very public Vin-basher, just that the blog doesn't reflect it enough. So now the sudden drool looks out of context and out of character.
Oh well..

lakshmi said...

@sands I meant it as a pat on the back to whichever one of you happened to be reading it. And now you've seen right through my deviant scheme of making both of you feel special!