Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The thingie tag

Sue started this anniversary series on her blog and by the look of the number of people taking it up it's become something of a tag. Since the DH and I just passed our 5th I'm going to take a shot at it too. So for the next one month I'm going to try really hard to come up with one thingie per day that I like and appreciate about him. As you can see, this is likely going to be largely drool so those of you who aren't game for it should check back after a month when regular programming (meaning none) would resume. On the contrary, I promise there will be enough opportunities for laughs watching me struggle (just as other people who've braved into the tag are wont to do) to come up with kind stuff to say even on days when (read very often) I'm irritated to my wits end with him. I suspect this is going to be a mix of both big ticket lifelong stuff and lot of everyday stuff..

So here's the thing for today:
I like how he's gone from super-possessive boyfriend to mega-trusting spouse, kind of in sync with how I'd have liked him to be at different stages in life.

And here's one for tomo:
I like how he makes tea for me in bed on days after if we made up after a fight the prev night. He likes to serve it in style with biscuit on the side and stuff.

2 down, 28 to go.


Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...

shouldn't you be publishing one each every day? (so, the readers can have their daily dose of )

Vimal said...

tea -> chaya -> parippuvada -> ullivada. there was this teastall near poochatty jn which used to serve yummylicious ullivada. me want :(

i still remember the guy who used to run it and the way he used to make tea. i thought he had the most awesome job in the world. he could eat all the ullivadas and parippuvadas.

Sue said...

That's really cute. The tea, I mean. Who else is doing this? I'd like to read their posts, too.

The trust thing is cute too, although never really having had a super possessive boyfriend I'm not sure how I'd cope with that.