Monday, August 29, 2005


HP6 is disappointing. And Disappointing in big bold red letters. Guess I can't say it enough. 600 odd pages and nothing happens, just classes and teenage infactuations and the like. Voldemort doesn't even appear either. In fact somebody said book 5 could be summarized as 'Black dies'. On the same lines, book 6 is 'Dumbledore dies'. Then again, the next books ought to be interesting, given how many horcuxes Harry's got to collect and destroy and also coz they'll no longer be in Hogwarts. But I guess we'll miss Hogwarts as well. The Wizarding school has kind of grown on the fans, with each book.
I read FPS too. And this is one fun book. Total page-turner. I'd be lost if I had to sell it coz there is little else you can say apart from that its about three guys and how they scrape throuh IIT and their mistakes blah blah..And how it is nostalgic..and the kind that you easily identify with..Yeah all the cliche'd stuff...But well, for a change the cliche holds true.

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