Thursday, August 25, 2005

Ikka Special

Somebody visited my blog :D
Yipee..clap clap clap..bring out the glasses..Let the champagne flow..:D
Herez to you anonymous visitor, choose you may to remain in the shadows, but you've made my day, night more like. Many thanks :)
Tomoz Zerinkkaz bday. Its been more than a year since dude went over to Lucknow. Ever since, its been the one phone call in a month kind of a thing. Not that I feel any less close to him. It would even be wrong even to say I miss him, not on a day to day basis. But lets just say it would have been nice if he were in the same city. Forget keeping in touch, B School seems to have ridden his life of all sense of normalsy. We go back a long way, Zerin and I. Class 9 to be precise. I still remember the day he walked in, oh if looks could kill it should have been him, back then. He had the whole female population ogling at him in like seconds, but idiot that he was he ogled right back. Now ..m sure his B school education has made him wiser on the subject of the market value of brands that woo the market a mite too hard.(OMG m gonne b killed for all this, but m banking on 1) Hardly anybody knows the blog Time has this great value as a lightner of sorts..i mean it was soo long much would he care now)
Anyways by the end of the term, he had like impressed the staff(centums in math, science and ss? or some such feat) and sutdents alike, he was like the star striker in the football team, and all that it takes to be the highschool hearthrob. Some of that wore off after a while(the acads mostly, I guess high school was the last place he consistently did well in acads..though he did manage to get into NIT and IIM) but I'm sure he was easily the target of the max crushes and the reason for quite a few heartbreaks back then.
Oh yeah, whats that I hear? Yes, me too:D geeee. We started as friends, but then somewhere know, the usual..And again, more of the usual..common friends who try to help and mess it up..and then not talking to each other ..and then 'resolving to be friends again'..(Except that the cliche totally worked in our case..look at us 10 years later..and in spite of the distance the reducing frequency of phone calls, as thick as it gets.)
And somewhere along the line, he found his girl too. Though I can't really talk bout it out here, lets just say shez one terrific person. And that they make a lovely pair.
I've gotto run now, so lets leave Zerinkka bio incomplete. And wish him a Totally cool Bday.


Anonymous said...

err ehem.. Zerin ? Zerin Rehman! , is it he who is bestowed with all the flamboyant adjectives.... No wonder... And am more bamboozled by the sheer thrilling pace with which i could cover your blog... slick and candid writing style. Kudos.

Lemme devour more of yours.. keep writing Lakshmi. NIT folk still in my reveries, only we didnt get budged, perhaps our path stayed aloof.

Anonymous said...

Just was driving by when I saw this.