Saturday, August 20, 2005

My first publication ;)

For more than a month hez been after me, coaxing me to write a piece for NF. And predictably, we've had endless arguments, me stating how I'm not upto such 'writing' anymore and how his confidence is a bit over-the-top. And finally, just so I could shut him up I managed to put together a rough drafts of sorts, kind of closing an issue, afai was concerned. And today, I get a mail from some Lee at NF saying my submission has been accepted and I could send in an invoice for 100$..Now isnt that cool I say? But vin, knowing how I cant stop spilling to save my life, has forbidden me to tell ppl until it actulally appears online..Well, nobody knows the blog exists so its still safe..But hats off to Vin ..really, sometimes(most..for that matter) hez so damn patient and loving and nice I cant stop thanking my stars..For one I wouldnt have put my pen to paper if not for his pushing me, and given how lax I was any sane person would have given up after a weekz effort..And m sure dude Lee wouldnt have found it so appealing had it not been for his magic touches on my thoughtless bragging..Alrite, m sure I've already said too much..enough to embarass both of us :)..

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