Thursday, August 25, 2005

Rambling on..

Pramode Sir has, once again, put up a very thought provoking post on the pathetic state of our higher education system. I have little to add to it, though I remember how hard it was to adapt. Given, I'd come a schooling system where credit was given for conciseness(?) in expression, not for length. Even for english for that matter. Anybody who wrote the AISSE/AISSCE exams would know how hard it is to fit all you want to say into that measly question-cum-answer paper. And once you've mastered that, how it is even tougher to go back to writing tonnes of rubbish bout anything and everything in the world.
The release is done. Now sit tight, fingers crossed and pray. Or rather, blog.
A list of movies I wanna c:
1)The HHGTG movie. I dont even know what its called, and I've been warned its hardly worth the effort, but it would be a shame to have missed it.
3)Akale, this onez supposedly won a lot of awards. But the reason I wanna c it is coz
a)It has Prithviraj. And he still makes me swoon.
b)The only other Shyamaprasad movie I've seen touched me a lot. And hez way better than certain other young generation mal directors who think art is shooting things in dim light.
4)MounaRagam. No explanation required.


Anonymous said...

someone is getting nailed to the cross because of me :-)

by the way, if you don't want anyone to find your blog, don't publish the location in orkut.

lakshmi said... what was that you said about female intution and stuff
I thot u were givin me credit for having found you out :(

Anonymous said...

if you want me to continue visiting this blog (i am quite certain this will share teh same fate of it's predecessor) change the stupid background/style/whatever. It's taking ages to refresh and the fact that i am viewing this over a VNC connetion makes it worse.

Since now I am the only customer, I guess I can safely assume that my demands would be met :-)

Oneirodynic said...

The song 'Akale' from the movie is one of the most daunting songs i have ever heard.Along with 'Patheeramazhayetho'.And superb lyrics too.Quite not sure how the movie fared.

lakshmi said...

Paathiramazhayetho..same as the melody from ulladakkam..and dat one is beautiful.
Never heard any songs from Akale
And havent seen the movie yet either..